» Air Tickets | How to pay & get ticket?

Possible payment methods:

 Cash at our offices ASTRA TURE:

*Riga, 5 Maza Pils Str., Old Town, phone.: +371 67358698   Map

*Daugavpils, From 01 Feb 2014 New adress: 61/63 Viestura Str., phone.:+371 65420116     Map

Saturday-Sunday 9:00 - 15:00, mob. phone: (+371) 20372472

Bank transfer

Bank Details:
SIA "Astra Tūre",
Actual adress:
5 Maza Pils Str., Riga, LV-1050,
Legal adress:
1 Taisna Str., Riga, LV-1063
Identification No: LV 40003257338
Latvijas Unibanka
Vecriga Branch, Riga, 23 Pils Str.
Swift code: UNLALV2X

EUR: LV23UNLA0001004469244
USD: LV32UNLA0001601070492
Please kindly note:
if you are the juridical person, please present your Company name, address and VAT registration number for we will be able to issue an invoice. If you are the physical person we need your identification number and address.
Making the payment please kindly note the bank transfer takes approximately 2 business days, so if you would like to get your ticket earlier or you make the payment on the last day of the payment deadline, please present or send us by e-mail avio@astrature.lv or by fax +371 67222612 a valid copy of bank transfer. Otherwise your reservation will be cancelled automatically.

Credit card:

Please fill in the credit card type, number and expiry date in the reservation form.

Please kindly note:

If the journey is being paid for by a card not belonging to a member of the passenger group, the owner should fill in the following CC authorisation letter and provide the copy of credit card's front side as well as the copy of passport or any other ID-document where the signature and photo of the holder is seen. If necessary ASTRATURE will contact him/her for confirmation that he/she is prepared to cover the cost of this journey. If the card owner is unable to be contacted by telephone ASTRATURE reserve the right to cancel the reservation. If this occurs we will inform the passenger therefore please ensure that you provide the contact telephone number of at least one passenger. The liability for covering the cost of the journey, if the card owner does not confirm payment, is undertaken by the passenger.


How to get tickets ? 

1. If possible we provide electronic ticket for you.

E-ticket is a special form of ticket which is not drawn physically. When obtaining an electronic ticket no documents are made out. When you will register for the flight you will have to show your passport and the employee of the company will check your electronic ticket and will print out your boarding pass. After the payment you will receive electronic ticket on your e-mail .This way how to get ticket is safe, modern and quick.

2. You can get your ticket in our offices Astra Tūre from Monday up to Friday from 09.00 till 18.00.

*Riga, 5 Maza Pils Str., Old Town, phone.: +371 67358698

*Daugavpils, 59 Viestura Str., phone.: +371 65420116   Map
Mob. phone: +371 26806108