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Can I cancel my airline reservation ?
All airline tickets are subject to the rules and restrictions you agreed to at the time of purchase. Many tickets (mostly advanced purchase - lower priced tickets) are non-refundable and have no value for future purchase.
Please note : You cannot cancel reservation on - line. Please contact helpdesk: phone 7358698. Be sure to have your reservation number ( 6 digits) available!

The Airline has made changes in my reservation. What shall I do?
If you can accept changes made by airline, just follow the new itinerary. If you cannot accept the changes you can return the ticket without any charges or contact the airline to find other solution.
Please note : Once you have accepted a schedule change, future changes requested by you, will require payment of any applicable penalties and/or fees

How do I know if my reservation is confirmed?
You may verify confirmation and all current information on your reservations booked on-line at any time via the Check my trip link located left to the AVIOKASE homepage. At the time of booking a confirmation e-mail will also be sent to the address listed in your reservation immediately after you complete your reservation. This e-mail includes your itinerary details.

Do I need to reconfirm my flight before departure?
It is not necessary to reconfirm your flight for short-haul flights. Some airlines do require passengers to call and reconfirm their flights with the airline 24-72 hours prior to departure for intercontinental flights mostly. We do recommend that you review your itinerary on-line ( www.checkmytrip.com) to make sure you are aware of any schedule time changes the airline may have made since you first booked your reservation.

For how long is the reservation valid and what to do if I want to cancel it?
When a person books a ticket he (she) gets a confirmation message indicating the time during whicht you should pay for the ticket and how long the reservation is valid. Usually it is not more than 72 hours. When you want to cancel it, you don't have to do anything, because reservation will cancel automatically if not paid for it till a certain date.

What is The E- ticket?
E-ticket is a special form of ticket which is not drawn physically. When obtaining an electronic ticket, no documents are made out. When you will register for the flight you will have to show your passport and the employee of company will check your e-ticket and will print out your flight document. While looking for a flight proposal in our system you always see the kind of a document. If you see letter E closed to flight proposal, only electronic ticket will be printed out.. When you buy an e-ticket, after the payment you will always receive a message to your e-mail account, confirming that your e-ticket is already "made-out".

What should I do if I made a mistake in passenger's surname?
Is it essential to inform AVIOKASE on +371 7358698 in order to correct the mistake.

Can I use more than one credit card to purchase my reservation?
Only one credit card can be used to purchase a ticket. If multiple travelers wish to book the same itinerary and pay with differing cards, individual reservations will have to be made.

Why the system doesn't offer me to pay by Invoice, although there is written: you accept Invoice as form of payment?

The bank transfer takes 2 business days. It means that if you make a reservation on Friday evening for the flight on Monday night you will be offered only two ways of payment - cash or a credit card.

Am I able to book a flight ticket for another person if I am not a passenger?
Yes, you can reserve flight tickets for another person, whose name and surname have to be indicated as a passenger, but it is necessary to fill in the division called "credit card holder contact details "

How to get to know, that you have received my money?
When we receive the payment and the document confirming it, on the same day we send you a confirmation e-mail with the exact date of flight tickets delivery.

I have found a proper flight ticket in your system a week ago, however, now its price is higher by 60 LVL. Why?
Yes, the prices in our system are changing constantly. The less time is left till the flight, the higher price is, besides all seats in the plane are classified from cheaper to expensive ones. So, the longer you delay the higher the ticket price is. Therefore, it would be best to reserve the proper flight ticket straightaway and to pay for the reservation.

How much does the delivery cost?
Ticket delivery costs 3.00 LVL inside Latvia . We do not offer delivery outside Latvia, except e-tickets.

How and when will I receive my flight tickets?

The longest delivery time is two workdays. If your payment is registered in our bank account till 13.00, the ticket will be delivered on the same day inside Riga, or the next day till 17.00 outside Riga If your payment is registered in our bank account after 13.00, the ticket will be delivered next day till 13.00 inside Riga and next day till 17.00 outside Riga.

Do you charge service fees?
A standard 9.00 LVL per ticket service fee will be charged for air reservations booked on-line. There is also fee 9.00 LVL associated with changing/cancelling your reservation.